Product Details

LANDE Micro Data Center Solutions can meet the information technology and communications infrastructure needs of small and medium‐sized companies, industrial facilities, offices, branches and dealer locations and can accommodate all the necessary devices. In addition, taking into account the architectural problems of the facilities, cooling, energy and security needs are integrated products in a unique structure. You don’t need any special room for LANDE Micro Datacenter Solutions. You can place it anywhere in your facility and at any point in your office. LANDE Micro Data Center Solutions are equipped with In‐Row Type Precision Cooling Units from 10 kW up to 25 kW to meet the cooling needs. These are special devices that are designed and manufactured for continuous operation every season, everyday (7/24/365 conditions) with a single major task of continuous cooling function. Split type ambient air conditioners used in the classical applications of small system rooms all over the world are designed and manufactured to work for certain hours of the day in quick changing hot and cold ambient temperatures of the seasons and are for human comfort . Such air conditioners are not devices that can operate 24 hours a day, (7/24). Therefore, it is not the ideal solution for both IT and industrial applications. LANDE Micro Data Center Solutions can offer 2 main product groups with 6 kW/cabinet and 10 kW/cabinet in terms of IT energy consumption capacity per cabinet. LANDE Micro Data Center Solutions are divided into three product groups according to the number of cabinets. SMART DC for one cabinet, MICRO DC for two and three cabinets and MINI DC for four to six cabinets .