All in One


LANDE AllinONE Series Security Cabinet System is the technology that provides solutions for many points like, airports and peripheries, parking lots, hotels and peripheries, beaches, sports facilities, demonstration areas, sites, dams, natural gas and oil pipelines, energy and power plants, organized industrial zones, factories, roads (intersections, pedestrian crossings etc.), border gates and customs and offers easy-to-install effective security solutions that require minimum effort and minimum cost. The fact that crime-causing acts are generally followed from outside the building also provides a positive advantage for them. Lande camera systems are a great deterrent in public and private areas, as well as providing early prevention of crime that will occur in the interior. For example; Especially in public spaces, parks, highways, airports, parking lots, streets, schools, all public places of the municipalities, it is very important to use cameras which are deterrent due to superior technology. Drug sales, organizational propaganda, harassment and abduction in and around our schools, terrorist organizations that use the land conditions existing in your borders in their favor, weapons, human and drug trafficking due to these vulnerabilities or all kinds of activities and structures of terrorist elements, we aim to provide solution-focused results easily and safely thanks to the LANDE ALLinONE SYSTEMS that are used by integrating camera systems with different features such as face recognition, person counting, plate identification.