ANTIVANDAL Series: 19" Wall Mounting Cabinets


Antivandal Security Wall Mounting Cabinets, are designed for Public areas under indoor conditions for higher security needs. Where it is providing IP20 protection, with Security/Resistance Level according to DIN V ENV 1627 Level WK4, which is a level provides 10 minutes protection against additional tools: Saws, power tools, e.g. hacksaw, battery drill, hammer, axe, etc. This protection level is called High protection. Usage areas are Public areas and buildings, Military Services and Higher security needed Critical device housing applications. CONSTRUCTION DETAILS: t=2,5 and 3,0 mm thickness Steel material, is formed with double layer welding which provides 5-6mm protection in rear assebly footprint, as well with flange system in front 30 mm steel protection is performed. Monoblock welded enclosure case provides the higher security. Surface is with electrostatic powder coated finish, with fine wrinkle RAL 7035 Light Grey Color. 7,9,12 U optional height stocked enclosures are introduced for customer selection with W=600mm D=600mm physical outher sizes. Multi Folded Automated Bending technology applied monoblock heavy duty structure results to high load capacity of: 200 kgs nominal way. Mostly this loading capacity is related to the type of the wall and its strength. Front door openning direction is set left to right in standard.