LANDE is a manufacturer of 19” racks, cabinets and enclosures, accessories with the highest level of knowledge in Turkey.

Lande was established by a team that leads the sector with its experience of 20 years in order to develop and market innovative, ergonomic, economic and functional products. Lande is a professional solution partner with its 19” Rack Cabinets and accessories, Telecom Field Cabinets (indoor/outdoor), Server and Datacenter Cabinets and a wide range of further products for IT sector. Lande introduces a new concept in the sector thanks to its affordable and practical high-quality products designed according to the ever-changing market conditions and customer requirements. With the state-of-the-art equipment, machinery and experienced management staff and workers, high-quality products are manufactured with high capacities in the production facilities which were established in an enclosed area of 20.000 sqm at Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone in 2012. The ERP system is implemented in all processes and the entire system is monitored faultlessly. Lean production means and tools are used in production lines and continuous improvement is achieved with Process Approach. Lande products and service are certified to Quality Assurance System TS EN ISO 9001. Environmental awareness is prioritized. Lande has a production capacity of 1000 pieces/day.


LANDE with System Rack Cabinets and their accessories, computer and server racks, electricity and electronic devices designing, producing, marketing and sale services’ main policy is to fulfil customer requests above expectations. In this sense, our main target is to design user-friendly and safe products with our ultimate experiences and knowledge, producing them on time and correctly and provide a high-quality post-sales service.

Every single staff of us aims to carry out their missions successfully in all processes and activities. Supported by the lifelong learning principles, LANDE staff guarantees their personal development to finalise their missions on time in an environment friendly way to prevent pollution.

Our primary principle is to supply our stakeholders’ needs and expectations by creating a participant, open minded and quality-oriented atmosphere; working accompanying with the passcode “quality and environment management system activities are the responsibility of all groups”; increase customer’s satisfaction presenting the services and their suitability, which can be affected by risks and opportunities.

We believe that the nature is a valuable treasure, and it has to be protected for the sake of the future of humanity.

We are dedicated to achieve our goals with our integrated Management System Policy. Our policy:

• To comply with the relevant environment regulations and further exceed.

• To continuously improve our environment management system.

• To minimise waste, prevent pollution in its source and reduce negative effect on environment.

• To save environment and spread this principle to all around our connections, country, and world.

• To specify risks for the environment and reduce them.

• To prevent environmental risks in accordance with fulfil workers’ health and safety at work rules.

• To raise awareness of our staff on environment.

Lande promises to set up and operate ISO 14001 Environment Management System to specify Lande’s activities and products’ effect on nature and to develop goals and programmes regarding to these environmental parameters. Major aims and targets about this important environment parameters:

• To reduce and prevent air, water and earth pollution, leakage, affusion and noise as far as possible.

• To reduce packing usage and waste, ensure product recyclability and reuse.

• To develop the ways of saving the natural sources like energy and water.

• To ensure efficient usage of energy and materials.

• To keep environmental effects of products, processes, and activities under control.


Reyhan Ekşi

Chairman of The Board / GM

Celalettin Kesikbaş

Member of The Board

Mahir Çatak

Member of The Board

Erkan İslamoğlu

Sales Director

Evren Candemir

Marketing Director

Yalçın Sayan

R&D Manager

Ersoy Karakoç

Factory Manager
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Our Mission & Vision
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