Pre-Configured BGR for AV Systems - 45RU, 32”D
HYPERline Series 800 * 800 - 26U - RAL 9005 Black
HYPERline Series free standing networking enclosures/cabinets, designed for minimized disassembled flat-packed shipments for superior logistics advantages and cost savings. However, product also customer friendly with its easy assembly process. HYPERline Series perform superior load performance tested with 900 kg load wich is 1,5X higher than market standards. Therefore, HYPERline series can carry heavy telecom equipments, UPS and batteries besides standard network equipment such as switches, patch panels and cables.

Shipment Information
Quantity in per packaging  :  1  Pcs
Package dimensions  :  800x800x1299  mm
Maximum product quantity per pallet  :  1  Pcs
General Information
Equipment mounting rail height  :  26  U
Height  :  1299  mm
Width  :  800  mm
Color  :  9005  RAL
Rail to rail lenght  :  19  "
Depth  :  800  mm
Load Capacity  :  600  kg