Wall Mounting Cabinets and Enclosures

NETbox Series
NETbox series Networking Enclosures/ Cabinets, provide maximum optimization resulted to an optimum performance in between quality and added value.
PROline Series
PROline series Networking Enclosures/Cabinets which are designed for superior performancefor carrying heavy telecom equipments, UPS and batteries.
EURObox Series
EURObox series Networking Wall Muounting Type Enclosures/Cabinets, provide maximum optimization resulted to an optimum performance in between quality and added value.
PROlineB Series
PROlineB Series Networking Enclosures /Cabinets, designed for customer friendly product assembly and superior logistics advantages in terms of shipping costs.
HYPERline Series
HYPERline Series wall mounting networking enclosures are designed for minimized disassembled flat-packed shipments for superior logistics advantages and cost savings. However, product also customer friendly with its easy assembly process.
NETbox Home Series
The NETbox Home wall mounting is for that situation where quick access to the equipment is of primar importance.
SOHO Series
NETbox SOHO Network Series wall mounting cabinets are designed for Network distribution, where a quick installation needed at an efficient cost.
Antivandal Series
Antivandal Security Wall Mounting Cabinets, are designed for Public areas under indoor conditions for higher security needs.
The 19” Wall Mounting SLIMbox Cabinets allows a vertical mounting of 4U or 6U in depth.
SLIMbox Wall Mounting Server Cabinets
SLIMbox Series Flush and Surface Mounting Wall Mounting Cabinets
SLIMBox Series - Wall Mounted 19'' Racks W=640mm (SLIM design)
SLIMBox Series - Wall Mounted 19'' Distribution Racks
Wall Mount Open Frame
Lande Wall Mount Open Frame is used for mounting 19’’ devices such as; patch panels, adapters and switches. The open frame provides to adjustable depth with sliding rail system.
Set & Stack Wall Mounting Brackets
Set & Stack 19” wall mounting provides an aesthetically pleasing, functional, decorative and economic solution for wall mount equipment installations.
SAFEbox Series
The SAFEbox IP55 Wall Mounting Cabinets provide EN60529 compatible IP55 class dust and water protection and designed for industrial applications.
SAFEbox-B Series
SAFEbox-B Series Cabinets monoblock welded construction, with polyester type powder coating which is RAL 7035 Light Grey colour. 7U and 9U models contain single point turn locking system and 12U and 16U models contain a double single point turn locking system.
SET SOHO / SET SLIM Series Wall Mounting Cabinets
SET SOHO series wall munting cabinet supplied as W: 540 x D: 400 mm sizes, 4 different heights of 4U, 7U, 9U and 12U. SET SLIM W:540 x D:170 mm sizes, flexibility of 2U + 3U profiles. For horizontal assembly there are 2U, for vertical assembly there are 3U profile.
DVRBoxSeries Wall Mounted19'' Cabinets
Wall Mounted19’’ DVRbox Cabinets allow vertical mounting for space efficiency and aesthetics. Used for Networking, Security, DVR, Sound, Paging and Patching applications. Suitable for any 19’’ DVR devices.