MobileQube Data Center provides a fully functional data center inside a regular
mobile Marine ISO Container or special design Modular Container with a complete
infrastructure including, electrical power distribution, precision cooling, structured
protection, fire protection, smart monitoring and access control…etc. Container Data
Center’s exterior is fully compatible with harsh environments manufactured of 2-2.5
mm sheet steel and including marine specified insulation, additional primer coating +
polyester external finish to complete the MobileQube.


Why MobileQube?
In today fast growing business Companies need to ensure their network infrastructure has the capacity to grow to meet the needs of their business but also to allow
them to meet the needs and requirements of their customers. Large companies can
find solutions for these requirements by their computer rooms (data centers) or
buying the services from hosting data centers.
However enterprises or large companies may not find available space in their existing
buildings. To construct a new building for white space requirements are very costly.
Other reason is in buildings which are used as offices and there are no suitable
rooms or areas for the data center. In many cases planning restrictions or the infrastructure of existing buildings are not ideal for a computer room. Therefore MobileQube
solution provides a cost effective, easy deployment and fully mobile Solution.
MobileQube can be installed in a parking area, garage, warehouse, construction sites,
garden and even on the roof of buildings. Potentially MobileQube can be also installed to the premises of a subsidiary where no space available at the headquarters
thanks to its remote monitoring and remote managing features.

The other application for a MobileQube is disaster recovery needs of existing data
centers. The benefits of a mobile data center that can be constructed quick and
efficiently to allow a business to be back up and running quickly follow a disaster.
There might not be available space within the existing building or the site may have
been destroyed. The disaster recovery data center must be in a remote location away
from the existing data center. Since the existing data center may be effected by an
earthquake, flood or fire; than disaster recovery data center must need to back up the
system. Due to fact disaster recovery data center and existing data center should not
be preferred at the same building or location. MobileQube offers a fully flexible, cost
effective solution for businesses to implement a disaster recovery data center